Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Wedding Something Borrowed Something Blue Hydrangea Flowers Bouquet

As many brides do for their big day, I had something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. My something blue was blue hydrangeas in my bridal bouquet. This was very personal and special to me as these flowers grew in my grandparents’ front garden. They have both passed away and this was my way of having them with me on my wedding day(s). This was the inspiration for the “My Something Blue” page! For my something old, I had a letter that was given to my other grandmother tucked into my flowers.

There are many ways to use this tradition to include personal touches for your day. My cousin had small photos of both sets of her grandparents in locket-form made on Etsy which she then pinned into her bouquet. I also loaned her our grandmother’s engagement ring for her ‘something borrowed’.

Maybe there is a special piece of family jewellery you could borrow or wear? Maybe there is something your Mum or Grandma wore or used on her wedding day? Let me know if you had a favourite “something old, new, borrowed or blue” for your wedding!

Abby xx

(Gorgeous picture is by Charissa T. on Unsplash)


2 thoughts on “Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

    1. Hi bridey! I love blue ‘happy tears’ hankies, blue jewellery or anything personal – maybe something of your Mum’s or Grandma’s?


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