How To Get Organised for Planning a Wedding!

Getting Organised Wedding Planning Bride Groom Plan Ahead

If you, like me, want to organise your wedding by yourself (and hopefully with some help from your fiancé / family / friends), the key is planning ahead.

As I organised three weddings in three countries, I found everything easier to manage by making sure that I allowed a lot of time for preparation. Warning: I will sound super dorky in about one second….

The thing that I found MOST helpful was making a folder for each wedding. Each folder had a cover page, a detailed checklist (more on this below), copies of quotes/receipts, crucial paperwork and emails and favourite pictures or ideas. This was before Pinterest (or before I knew what that was!), so I had colours and theme, decoration, dress, flower and hairstyle pages too. I just cut the pictures from wedding magazines and made collages for each.

Luckily for me I married a very sensible and precise German, so I took cues from him when it came to making the checklist for the big day(s). I went through every aspect of the day and section by section, made dot points – well, little checkboxes, to be exact. That way I could cross off each task as I did it and easily see where I was in the process! For example:

Wedding Celebrant:

  • Look up Yelp and wedding review sites and come up with shortlist of celebrants (3)
  • Email the celebrants asking their availability, pricing, info.
  • Review replies with Simon and decide on celebrant.
  • Email celebrant and ask what further information is needed, as well as deposit.
  • Send deposit cheque and contract back to celebrant.
  • Email celebrant with chosen readings and vows.
  • Call celebrant two weeks before the wedding to confirm.

By having these checklists in the front of my folder, I was able to be more calm and ordered by the time the big day rolled around. I brought my folder with me to each location and this ensured the weddings went smoothly (well, as smoothly as a wedding can go!).

With the advent of sites like Evernote and Pinterest, it’s even easier to share and store your wedding ‘vision boards’ or collages. I am going to be matron of honour at my best friend’s wedding in March, and it is fabulous to be able to see her ideas and inspirations on Pinterest, even though we are separated by distance.

‘Real Simple’ have a great wedding checklist you can borrow too! Check it out here.

Happy planning, brides and grooms!

Abby x



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