Seriously… It’s Time For Marriage Equality.

Marriage Equality Love Is Love

This past weekend marked Mardis Gras in Sydney – a huge, fun, flamboyant celebration of the gay and lesbian community. I arrived in Australia myself today as I will be Matron of Honour in my best friend’s upcoming wedding. Thinking about these two events spurred me on to write this blog.

I am quite vocal in my support of marriage equality. Not vocal enough, really, because in my opinion, this is a simple human right and there really shouldn’t be a need for me to be blogging about this in 2016. However, unfortunately in some countries, gay marriage is still not legal – including in my beloved Australia.

I firmly believe that every single person should have the right and privilege to marry the person they love. The very fact that my friends’ beautiful union is not considered ‘legal’ makes my blood boil. The fact that gay people right now in Australia don’t have the option of having an officially recognised wedding makes me furious. The fact that my son could grow up in a world where some people think their relationship is superior to any other person’s relationship breaks my heart.

Things need to change. Now. After all, love is love. Happiness is something we all deserve – no matter what we look like, what we believe, what we read or who we choose to be with. Not to mention, I love weddings and the celebration of two people’s ultimate commitment to each other. Every extra wedding there is brings with it a little more sparkle and hope to the world. And frankly, we could use every bit of extra sparkle and every bit of extra hope right now. I hope that marriage inequality will quickly be a thing of the past.

Abby xx

Photo credit: Muhammad Asad at Unsplash.

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