A Modern Twist on Florals…

Wedding Flowers Lovely Paper Flowers Reception Ceremony Idea www.lovelypaperflowers.com
Amazing hand-made paper wall by Lovely Paper Flowers – http://www.lovelypaperflowers.com

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently attended a local wedding fair in Pleasanton. (That is about 45 minutes from San Francisco, by the way). I want to share with you some of the wonderful ideas and vendors I met there.

This blog will detail something that was a total standout to me – Lovely Paper Flowers, a gorgeous paper flower boutique.

Lovely Paper Flowers Bay Area Wedding Vendor Ceremony Reception Idea


Lovely Paper Flowers make custom, hand-made (as you’d imagine) paper flowers. They do centerpieces, flower clusters (of 7 flowers of your choice) and my very favourite – flower walls. The flower wall would be a beautiful addition to any reception venue or ceremony venue and would look perfect as a backdrop for photos. These paper flowers are a beautiful modern twist on florals for your big day and are super eye-catching too! At the fair, they even had small chalkboards, (think table numbers, labels for your sweets bar, favourite quotes etc) clothespins (or pegs, if you’re Australian!) and flower place name holders.

Lovely Paper Flowers will work with your colour scheme and create some truly unique and amazing floral pieces of art! The possibilities are endless, with flowers up to four feet wide and huge number or letter cut-outs covered in these beauties. I highly recommend them! Check them out at http://www.lovelypaperflowers.com.





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