A Love Letter to the Curvy Bride…

Love Letter Curvy Bride Wedding Advice stocksnap.io
Photo by Rowan Heuvel at stocksnap.io

Dearest curvy bride (or cuddly groom),

You are getting married! Yay! I am writing this love letter to you to remind you of a few important things while you are preparing for one of the biggest days of your life.

Firstly, only lose weight if it is something YOU want to do! I see so many articles and advertisements directed at engaged couples, telling them how to lose weight fast, drop pounds in time to buy your dream dress etc etc. There is a dress (or suit) out there that will be just right for you, fit you and make you feel fabulous at just the weight you are right now. People are coming along to your wedding because they love you and your partner and they are excited to see you tie the knot! They are not going to be concerned with what size your dress is or how big you think your butt looks. I promise. Remember, they know what you look like and love you no matter what.

Before my wedding in New Orleans (our first wedding out of three), I made myself a ‘weight loss count-down’. I felt frumpy and worried that I would look horrible and whale-like in the pictures. I ended up losing zero pounds/kilograms. Yep, zero. And guess what? When I look back at the beautiful photographs from that day, all I see is how HAPPY I looked. Oh, and how much I love the Kate Spade necklace I wore! I ate ice-cream and burgers in the days before my wedding – not to mention scrumptious New Orleans dishes – and that is okay! In fact, had I only eaten carrot sticks or kale in those days, I probably would have passed out from exhaustion as planning a wedding is hard work. Drinking pre-wedding cocktails is also hard work, by the way.

Bride Birdcage Veil New Orleans Bouquet Roses Hydrangeas Kate Spade Necklace Alfred Sung Dress www.eauphoto.com
Me on my wedding day! Beautiful New Orleans photos by: Eau Claire Photographics – http://www.eauphoto.com

It is true that some people place a lot of importance on being slim and svelte for their wedding day and all power to them. I only ask that you love yourself no matter what number the scale shows. Find an outfit that screams ‘you’ and embrace your own style, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Have fun making the preparations and treasure the memories you are making without worrying about your weight.

Life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. So, please enjoy the lead-up to your wedding. Please eat more than a lettuce leaf. Please remember your husband or wife to-be loves you just as you are – and so should you!

Abby xx

3 thoughts on “A Love Letter to the Curvy Bride…

  1. Great words of wisdom. From the moment i got engaged, people kept commenting on things i was eating and reminding me i need to lose weight for my wedding. And losing weight would definitely be a good thing, but my wedding wasn’t going to be the reason for it. My husband proposed to a fat person so he’d be ok having a wedding with one too.


    1. Good on you, Mary! I think that is exactly the right attitude to have. No one else has a right to comment about what you eat or your weight in everyday life – let alone in the exciting lead-up to your wedding. 🙂 xx


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