With Love to Orlando

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Following the worst ever American mass-shooting in Orlando, Florida this past weekend at a nightclub, I cannot get the 49 innocent people who died off my mind. The sheer panic, terror and confusion that must have taken over the club. The utter waste of precious and valuable lives. The grief, disbelief and emptiness that their Mums, Dads, partners, siblings, grandparents, friends and communities must feel. The complete tragedy and heartache.

Every time I have read new information about this awful story, I have cried. Tears welled when I read about the Mum who sacrificed herself to save her son, especially having a beautiful baby boy myself. I cried when I read about friends and partners and parents who were killed just because they were out to dance or celebrate a birthday.

Most of all, my heart broke when I read about two male partners who died in that club. Their families are now planning a joint funeral for them, instead of the wedding that they had hoped to be planning.

Writing about weddings and love gives me so much happiness. So, reading this made my chest hurt. I just can’t comprehend why. Why these beautiful people lost their lives. Why some people feel their judgements / fears / religious beliefs entitle them to play God. Why still in 2016 not everybody can marry whoever they want to marry, including in my own Australia. And why we can’t love and accept each other and embrace our differences. We are all just humans, after all.

I hope that change and peace comes to our world … and soon. Love and solidarity to you, Orlando.

Abby xx



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