If The Shoe Fits…

Bride Groom Shoes Bow Heels Leather Tan Dress Shoe Wedding Style www.pexels.com


The weddings I love most are full of small (or large) personal touches and splashes of the couple’s own pizazz. Even if you are a more traditional couple, there is a way you can show a lot of your own style in a subtle way – on your pretty little feet!

Brides, whether your dress is short or long, or you are wearing a funky pant-suit, shoes can make a fantastic fashion statement. You can match them to your colour palette, use them to add more sparkle (hello, sequins!), get them in your favourite colour, or of course, have them be your ‘something blue’. Or what about wearing your best-loved pair of shoes – converse, cute ballet flats, wedges or boots?

If you want a more bohemian vibe for your big day (or you just want to be plain comfortable), you might want to opt for bare feet – just don’t forget your pedicure first.

I am a girl who LOVES shiny things, so I had fabulous royal blue sequin heels for my (Brisbane) big day. I think they looked striking in our photos and they matched my colour scheme too – even better!


Bride Blue Sequin Heels Gucci Perfume Accessories Kate Spade Earrings Cream Roses Bridal Style www.inexpensiveweddingphotography.com
Photo courtesy of Inexpensive Wedding Photography


Of course, I am not forgetting the dapper grooms out there. I’ll be honest, I’m very partial to a tan shoe or pair of boots with a sharp suit, but there are heaps of other fun options for you too. Vintage dress shoes, your skate shoes, or boat shoes are all excellent ideas. And don’t forget the funky socks. The possibilities are endless!

One more important piece of advice to you soon-to-be brides and grooms out there, make sure you pack a pair of comfy footwear for the dance floor. This is imperative to ensure you can keep boogieing all night long (oh, and it may be an excuse to buy some cute sparkly flats or new Vans…?)


Bride Groom Shoes Pink Socks Wedding Style www.pexels.com


What shoes did you or will you wear on your wedding day? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Abby xx

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