Six Head-Turning Ideas from the Vintage Bride Wedding Fair

On Sunday the 26th of February, I had a rare couple of hours sans-cheeky-toddler and decided the best use of my time would be to check out the Brisbane Vintage Bride Wedding Fair. If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll probably realise I love attending these events to keep a close eye on what’s on offer for brides and grooms right now. The vendors, the venues and the atmosphere all ensure that I walk away with an excited smile on my face and Sunday was no exception.

The Vintage Bride Magazine holds fairs across Australia and aims to bring together “genuine, helpful businesses” and couples who are planning their big day. Brisbane’s event was held at The Joinery, which is a relatively new, mod, blank-canvas space in hip West End. I was immediately impressed with its unique exterior and interior and the strong air-conditioning – incredibly important on a humid day to stop people like me from melting into a puddle. This could be a great ceremony/reception venue where you could make it entirely ‘yours’ with colours, florals and décor.

If you are looking to create a vintage or rustic theme to your wedding (or hints thereof), or just want something ‘different’ at your wedding, the vendors below are sure to help inspire you.  Quick disclaimer – I took along my husband’s Fuji camera thinking I could take some fabulous, artsy photos … that did not quite go to plan, as I had it on some weird setting all day and had no idea why it wasn’t cooperating with me. Oops. So, please excuse the fact that the photos are mediocre, as the vendor’s displays certainly were not.

Without further ado, here are six head-turning ideas/vendors from the day, in no particular order.

Vintage Charm Mobile Bar Hire

Vintage Bride Wedding Fair Brisbane Vintage Charm Bar Hire Caravan Wedding Bride Groom Reception
Photo courtesy of Vintage Charm

This converted vintage 1950’s caravan is not only delightfully cute, it also serves two of my very favourite things – alcohol and coffee. Vintage Charm is equipped with a three-tap keg and a commercial coffee machine, so it would be a sure-hit with your guests. It’s also extremely eye-catching – it was decorated with greenery, florals and even had a little pearl chandelier. Love.

Magnolia and Ivy Florist

Vintage Bride Wedding Fair Magnolia And Ivy Florist Flower Arrangement Wedding Bride Groom

Vintage Bride Wedding Fair Magnolia And Ivy Florist Lace Tipi Florals Lights Wedding Bride Groom

The lovely folks at Magnolia and Ivy had several whimsical floral masterpieces on show. My favourite was a stunning and unexpected combination of pinks, burgundy, lavender and greenery – total showstopper. There was also a lovely lace tipi adorned with full, colourful arrangements including orange roses and rich foliage and glistening gold bulbs. It would make such a dreamy photo opportunity for the bride and groom!

We Are Twine Photography

Vintage Bride Wedding Fair We Are Twine Photography Wedding Bride Groom

I was lucky enough to meet photographer and owner of We Are Twine, Amanda, at a previous event and was struck again with how her images instantly show nothing but pure joy. She is a master at taking photos that are candid, romantic and full of emotion. Needless to say, I am a huge fan. Not only is her work impressive and inspirational, but her display is a work of art. Soft candlelight, lace, greenery and bright pink florals – there’s some table setting ideas right there.

Bejewelled Bridal – Designer Bouquets

Vintage Bride Wedding Fair Bejewelled Bridal Bouquet Flowers Bling Pearls Wedding Bride

Vintage Bride Wedding Fair Bejewelled Bridal Bouquet Florals Crystals Pearls Wedding Bride

Bejewelled Bridal create bouquets, garters, tiaras, headpieces and other accessories that really and truly sparkle. My absolute favourite were the bouquets, which just dripped with sparkly crystals, shiny pearls, fabric flowers and vintage buttons. If your grandmother or great-grandmother kept oodles of buttons or a special brooch, this would be a way to include that special person on your wedding day. Did I also mention the sparkle? Can you imagine these little gems on a sunny day or under twinkly fairy lights? I can!

Hashboother – Live Instagram Printing

Vintage Bride Wedding Fair Hashboother Instagram Printing Reception Wedding Bride Groom

This was another idea I thought was fantastic for a reception. When guests are kicking up their heels at your celebration and take a picture on Instagram, they can simply add your event hashtag and Hashboother will print their photo on the spot in 15 seconds. Ingenious.

Vintage Icecream Cart

Vintage Bride Wedding Fair Vintage Ice-cream Cart Reception Wedding Bride Groom

You knew I couldn’t do a write-up without mentioning a yummy treat, right? The Vintage Icecream Cart was completely adorable and of course, serves delicious ice-cream and gelato. Obviously, I was sold. I think this is a memorable and fun addition to any wedding and the bride and groom can even choose their own three flavours from a large selection including Toffee Honeycomb, Caramel Fudge, Burnt Sugar, Tiramisu and Passionfruit, to name a few. The bike-turned-icecream-cart stands out with its pink and blue floral bunting, wooden panels and gold lights and also comes with a customised sign including your names and the flavours you’ve chosen.

I hope you may have found some fun and interesting ideas! Thank you to the Vintage Bride Wedding Fair for throwing such a great event.

Abby xx


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