Customised Suits – A Unique and Stylish Choice for Grooms

Pinstripe Custom Suit White Shirt Silver Tie Yellow Pocket Square Groom Inspiration George and King

Future grooms out there, I am well aware of the fact that most of the time, the spotlight falls on your bride-to-be when it comes to wedding preparation. However, as more and more of you are getting hands-on in the big-day-organising arena, I think it’s time that you get a little more attention and maybe even a little more allowance in the budget for your attire. After all, a suit CAN be worn again in different configurations (jacket with jeans or chinos or pants with a nice shirt etc), unlike the vast majority of formal bridal gowns.

In order to investigate customised suits a little further, I sat down with Hannah Croly, the National Sales and Partnership Manager for George & King, an Aussie company creating handcrafted suits for their suave clients. George & King started in Sydney (on the corner of George and King Streets, naturally) when a couple of savvy entrepreneurs realised they could cater for men who were tired of paying for off-the-rack suits that were ill-fitted. What started out as an online operation has now expanded into showrooms all over the country – Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and there’s one opening in Canberra soon.

I visited the Brisbane showroom in the Queen Street Mall, which is choc-full of fabulous suits in various colours, patterns and textures, as well as cool accessories sourced from Australian companies – ties, bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks, shoes and some pretty funky socks. The company is also looking to expand their accessory range with tie pins and suspenders, a huge trend at the moment, especially for vintage themed celebrations.

Bowties Groom Custom Suit Style George and King
Just some of the fashionable bowties available!
Socks Patterned Colourful Groom Style Custom Suits George and King
Super fun sock selection!

Here are some questions that Hannah kindly answered for us so that you can get started with your suit selection!

What are the benefits of buying a made-to-measure suit as opposed to buying from a store?

The benefit would be the fact that you know that it’s made for your body, so you know it’s going to fit. When you buy off-the-rack, the suits tend to be oversized as they’re made quite generously because they have to fit so many body types. So then you often have to go to a tailor to get it altered, but there is only so much that they can do. When you are buying a custom suit, you can design the exact look that you want – fabrics, lapels, buttons, stitching colour, type of button, stitching style – the possibilities are pretty much endless. You can choose if you want slanted pockets, straight pockets, no pockets, two pockets or three pockets. You will have a unique suit made just for you.

What are the items that a groom can have customised?

Everything that they wear, they can customise, including jacket, pants, shirt, vest. With the shirt, if you’re wearing a bowtie, then you can customise the collar. You can also get the left cuff monogrammed with the groom and bride’s initials, which is quite a sentimental touch.

[Abby’s note – how cute is that? I can imagine adorable pictures being taken of a groom getting ready with his monogrammed shirt cuff!]

How does the process work from the first appointment to when the groom picks up his suit?

Grooms book a showroom appointment and fittings last roughly an hour. For a wedding, I’d recommend coming in 12 weeks beforehand. Sometimes, the grooms like to come in with their groomsmen and they can go through fabrics and get fitted at the same time – we’ve got beers on hand too. Alternatively, the bride and groom can make an appointment where they will decide on colours, styles, fabrics and structural elements and then the groomsmen will come in together and get measured. Either way, the men can make a day of it – have a drink, watch each other get measured and chill out together. The groom also gets the exciting experience of picking out their suit, much like a bride does when she goes dress shopping.

After the measurements are taken and the suit is ordered, the garments are handcrafted in China and take roughly four weeks to be produced. When the suit returns to the showroom, a second fitting is booked (as a group or individually) and the suit is tried on to ensure that it’s perfect.

Custom Suit Dark Blue Jacket Black Satin Lapel White Shirt Black Buttons Black Bowtie Groom Style Inspiration George and King

If a groom wants to lose weight or gain muscle, what is the best way to order a suit to ensure it will be the right fit on the big day?

In that case, a groom may come in to choose and order his suit but can wait until 8-10 weeks before the wedding to get his measurements taken. The order will be placed at that time, so it’s as close to the wedding day as possible.

What options are available in terms of fabrics and colours?

We have two ranges – the George & King standard range, which uses European wool, and the prestige range, which uses the finest wool from Milan company Vitale Barberis Canonico, who have been operating since 1647. We stock mostly wool fabric, apart from a small linen blend range, but we don’t use any synthetic materials. We have over 100 colours on offer, as well as patterns including stripes and checks.

For future grooms who may be feeling a little overwhelmed, is there a stylist on hand to give help and advice?

Definitely. It can be a bit daunting sometimes, but that’s why the stylist is here to guide you. We’ll normally speak to a customer before they come in for their appointment to get an idea of what they are looking for, and then three to seven fabrics will be chosen to display on the day, so it’s not too overwhelming. We will ascertain what they want, as well as the style and location of their wedding and the colour theme.

[Abby’s note – Hannah recommends going for a crisp white shirt instead of trying to colour-match the bride’s dress – it looks much better in the pictures!]

Custom Suit Groom Style Inspiration Grey Suit Patterned Shirt Blue Pattern Tie George and King

Where do prices start for a made-to-measure suit?

Prices start at $699 and the average spend is $899.

Just for fun – which celebrity do you think looks the most handsome in a suit?

Ryan Gosling looks really good in a suit. A lot of men come in here wanting to recreate his look in the blue Ferragamo dinner suit. Also, Jon Hamm as Don Draper. There are so many though!

[Abby’s note: Hannah also foresees the next trend being ivory dinner suits – a big look at this year’s Oscars. Keep your eyes out for that!]

Collar Options Custom Shirt Suit Groom Style Inspiration George and King
Collar options!

Thank you so much to Hannah and to George & King for answering all of our burning questions about getting a custom suit made for a wedding. I hope this has helped you on your quest for your own stylish wedding day outfit and don’t forget, it’s great to show off some personality through your attire. The George & King website has heaps more amazing colour combinations and inspiration for you, so go on and check it out.

Happy shopping! Abby xx

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