How To Get The ‘Wedding Glow’

The months before a wedding day can be stressful and tiring and unfortunately, the effects of that can show up in your skin. Of course, everyone wants to look radiant and naturally beautiful in their photos. After all, these images will most likely be looked at for a lifetime. I am on a mission to provide you with a few tips to get that ‘wedding glow’, so I sat down with Rachel of Spa Philosophy and Rachel McNeil Makeup to do just that.

Spa Philosophy Wedding Skincare Bride Bridal Skin Prep
Rachel would advise you to start prepping your skin approximately six months prior to the big event, or as soon as possible, especially if you have a major skin concern that you’d like to have treated. She warns that if you’ve never had a facial and you have one too close to your nuptials, there is a high likelihood that your skin will break out.

So, with that in mind, here are some useful pointers!

Six Months Before The Wedding…

-Start having monthly facials with a fabulous skin therapist. That way, the therapist will be able to identify key issues and your skin will become conditioned to having these treatments well in advance of your ‘bridal moment’.

-Not all of us can spend money on monthly facials, sadly (though I would LOVE to do one every week if I could). If you find yourself in that boat, Rachel recommends doing a weekly facial at home and creating a little Sunday night ritual for yourself. Do a double cleanse, a nice exfoliating treatment and put on a hydrating cream mask.

-Ensure that you are using good quality skincare products. If you can’t afford to splash out on a complete line of high-end products, Rachel suggests that you spend your money on items that stay on your skin. These would include masks and moisturiser. Cleansers and exfoliators will obviously be washed off so you can spend a little less on these, as long as they aren’t harsh or causing “stripping” of your face.

Wedding Skincare Tips Skin Prep Bride Bridal Facial Spa Philosophy

Two – Three Months Before The Wedding…

Stay on the same routine as above, adding in these elements…

-Up your fruit and vegetable intake, as this can make a huge difference in skin clarity.

-Try to increase the amount of water that you’re drinking, especially if you’re enjoying extra alcohol with all that pre-wedding partying!

-If you have a serious skin issue like eczema or rashes, try to decrease your consumption of dairy and sugar. Rachel informed me that usually once you do this, your skin will often improve. [Note to self: maybe stop eating so much chocolate and lollies before big events!]

Wedding Skincare Bride Bridal Skin Prep Spa Philosophy

The Week Before The Wedding…

Have your last (spa) facial during this week.

-Get your eyebrows waxed or sculpted.

-Do any waxing, body scrubs, or tan prepping or if you are going to have a spray tan.

*Rach’s tip – get your tan done two days prior to your big day.

-When getting your fingernails painted, use a shellac or other long-lasting polish to ensure that all your running around doesn’t chip your nails.

-Try to avoid salty food during this week as it can lead to water retention – read puffiness – and no one wants that!

The Night Before The Wedding…(YAY!)

-Do your at-home facial, exfoliate and pop on a hydrating mask.

-Get a good night’s sleep to avoid big dark eye circles. Sleep! We mean it.

Just for fun, I asked Rachel what her favourite skincare product is and why. She positively raves about Dr. Spiller’s ‘Azulen Cream Mask’, which is a hydrating mask for all skin types. It also smooths skin while reducing redness – sounds like a winner to me!

Spa Philosophy Dr Spiller Cream Mask Wedding Skincare Bride Bridal Skin Prep

Thank you so much to our skin expert, Rachel, for this incredibly helpful information and to Spa Philosophy for providing the superb photos. Brisbanites, do yourself a favour and visit Rachel or Kendall at Spa Philosophy for a relaxing, luxurious skin treatment in gorgeous surroundings. You can get your hands on the full range of Dr. Spiller products there too.

Stay tuned next week as we delve into the world of Wedding Makeup – one of my most-loved topics – in part two of our interview with Rachel.

Do you have any handy skincare tips that really worked for you in the lead-up to your big day? I’d love to hear them in the comments section! Abby xx


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