Unique Wedding and Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not usually the greatest at coming up with cool present ideas. I really wish I was. We were a little hesitant to have only a “wishing well” option at our wedding – partly because it can be awkward asking for cash and partly because I am really just a big kid who loves the suspense of opening presents (and due to the fact I can never give suggestions due to present-idea-block, it’s usually a surprise). However, flying across the world for three weddings wouldn’t allow us to have a gift wish list – our suitcases were not big enough.

Just in case you want to give your guests the option of buying you a few cool presents, I am sharing a little list of unique and personal ideas that you may want to put on your ‘must have’ list… I know I would!

1. Personalised wooden cutting boards. These look incredible in your kitchen and are quite a striking talking point at dinner parties. I love the range on ‘Hardtofind’ and they’re totally customisable. The picture below is a fancy version from their website by ‘Dust and Things’!

Wedding Anniversary Personal Unique Personalised Gift Present Wedding Idea Bride Groom www.hardtofind.com.au

2. An ‘experience’ voucher. Websites like Red Balloon offer pretty awesome adventures, classes and getaways – think skydiving, bridge climbing, a relaxing mini-break or coffee making courses. Winner!

3. A piece of artwork that depicts the pair of you in the bubble of your romantic moment. I have seen some amazing examples of drawings or paintings that are based on either a wedding photo or a favourite happy snap. I’ve been eyeing the gorgeous handy work of Lovelineart, based in Brisbane and have a bit of a crush on digital illustrations from LittleBlackCatStore on Etsy too.

Wedding Anniversary Personal Unique Gift Wedding Ideas Bride Groom www.etsy.com.au

4. Wine with custom labels – combining a delicious drop with a thoughtful wedding present. Brewtopia have a great selection of wines and a large number of cute labels you can choose from. Makes for a great honeymoon Instagram post too!

5. An address stamp. These come in very handy at Christmas time especially and look very adorable with your married family name on them. I really like StompStamps’ offering on Hardtofind. (Can you tell I constantly stalk that beauty of a website?!)

Wedding Anniversary Personal Unique Personalised Gift Present Wedding Idea Bride Groom www.hardtofind.com.au

Anniversary Present Suggestions

Whether you are trying to stick to the traditional “paper” theme for your first anniversary or not, finding a gift for your beloved after you’ve been married for a year can be very tricky. I was a bit confounded by the ‘paper’ idea and ended up buying Simon a brown leather bathroom bag. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking (including a shameless plug from me)…

1. Your wedding vows written (or printed) in fancy lettering. These look fantastic and are sure to elicit a smile whenever you walk past. MintImprint on Etsy have very affordable prints that look gorgeous or, if you are feeling creative, you can make this yourself!

Wedding Anniversary Personal Unique Personalised Gift Present Wedding Idea Bride Groom www.etsy.com.au

2. A gourmet picnic hamper to share with your love. Enjoy a lovely day in the sun together and maybe even leave your phones at home… You can either create this yourself by finding a cute picnic basket and sourcing your favourite snacks (and wine) or there are companies that will assemble these packs for you. A Little Luxury is an Aussie company who does just this and it would save you a lot of precious time. (This one is clearly not a ‘paper’ option).

3. Personalised stationery. Zazzle have a massive range of cool notepapers, journals, notebooks and cards that you can make your own.

Wedding Anniversary Personal Unique Personalised Gift Present Wedding Ideas Bride Groom www.zazzle.com.au

4. A Must. Love. Stories. ‘Lucky In Love’ book. (Here’s the aforementioned shameless plug). We will interview you, take the stories of how you met, got engaged, details of your wedding day and really any other story you want to include…then collect photos from you and produce a beautiful book that you will be able to keep forever. Here is a slideshow of snippets of the book we recently created as a surprise gift from Suzanne to Brenton for their first anniversary…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope that has been helpful, lovely readers! What is the best gift you have ever received? Let me know in the comments! Abby xx

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