So…What Do I Do With My Wedding Dress Now?

Wedding Dress Gown Bride Bridal New Orleans Alfred Sung Dessy Champagne Wedding Dress
My champagne wedding dress, photographed by Eau Claire Photographics.

Confession time… My wedding dress(es) are currently living a pitiful existence sitting in a dark closet. They are in garment bags though, if that counts for something? We spend what seems like a lifetime researching, trying on and dreaming about wedding dresses. Finally, you find ‘the one’ and pay a lot more than what you’d usually shell out for a frock. At last, the day arrives and you’re a bride! You spend only a matter of hours in the gorgeous gown you’ve chosen – it all goes by in the blink of an eye and then … what becomes of your beloved gown? What in the heck do you do with this incredible garment that has such sentimental value?

I have been pondering this very question and thought I’d share some ideas with you!

  1. Donate It

There are some stellar organisations that will gladly take your dress and use it for a  very worthy cause. Angel Gowns Australia (creating beautiful gowns for angel babies), DARE Formal (supporting survivors of domestic abuse) or your local charity op shop (St Vincent De Paul or the Salvation Army, to name a couple) are all great recipients.

  1. Sell It

If you would like to try to sell your wedding gown, you have a few options. You can find a secondhand dress store in your area (Brisbane residents, check out The Bridal Garage and our article about them here!) or sell your dress online through I Do Gowns or Still White.

  1. Preserve It

Thinking about your future daughters wearing your own dress or using parts of the fabric for their veil, gown or accessories? Don’t leave your frock hanging in a dusty cupboard (like I’ve been doing)! You’ll need to get it professionally dry-cleaned and store it or box it appropriately. Your local dry cleaner will be able to assist you or you can use experts such as The Wedding Dress Specialists.

I was lucky enough to wear my Mum’s wedding dress, with a few alterations here and there, and really have to look into getting this dress preserved so it can be lovingly passed down to the next generation.

Wedding Dress Mum Mother Altered Gown Generations Heirloom Bride Bridal German Wedding

  1. Wear It Again

If you can’t bear to think about letting your dress go forever, why not revel in its glory one more time? Brisbane has an Annual Brides Ball where you can channel your inner bride, proudly wear your dress and dance the night away. This year’s event is on June 3rd at Tattersall’s Club. Alternatively, you could hire a seamstress to fashion your gown into a different dress or skirt – dye it emerald green if you feel like it! You could also make a baby’s christening gown, which could be a super special family heirloom in the future… I wish I had thought of that sooner, in fact.

  1. Trash It!

Feel like having a bit of fun with that clean white dress? Why not opt for a ‘trash the gown’ photography session? (Of course, you can also trash your gown without a photographer present). You can paint it, wear it in icky sticky mud, let your children splash water over it, take it for a swim in the ocean… This could be a heck of a lot of fun and a lovely way to say goodbye to your dress.

What have you done with your dress? I’d love to know in the comments! Abby xx

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