A Huge Happy Goodbye

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This post is a tad bittersweet for me. I have had a magical year (and a bit) running and writing for My Something Blue. This blog is so dear to my heart. It’s been my hobby, my inspiration, my passion and a very important stepping stone in me becoming, well… ‘me’ again. I started this page when Felix was just a tiny baby and never could have imagined the opportunities it has opened up for me. As some of you would already know, I spent six years living in the United States. Those six years were simultaneously the best and the worst, as although I became a wife and a Mum, I was also unable to work and inevitably became well and truly lost.

When I was young, I wanted to be a writer. I kept diaries and journals and wrote stories about my pretend pet dog (sob) and rambling letters about social issues (they are well worth a read if you’re in need of a belly laugh). Yet, somehow in the midst of becoming an adult and trying to choose a career path, my writing took a back seat and eventually stopped altogether. The simple act of going back to my first love, writing, now brings clarity and joy to my days. Ultimately, it has steered me towards starting my own business, Must. Love. Stories. which is something I would never have dreamed was possible 12 months ago. My Something Blue has given me courage again.

So, the big news is that I will be rolling this blog over to my new website. This will mean that I can focus all of my attention on creating (even more) great content, featuring exceptional local photographers and vendors and continue to build something I am unbelievably proud of. This will be the last official post on this page while I (painfully) merge articles and gather up some awesome ideas for the pretty, sparkling new blog. Although it’s a little sad to send My Something Blue into the blog retirement home, I view this as an exciting next step in this great adventure too.

Thank you for reading, for following My Something Blue and, most of all, for supporting me. As you all will have gathered by now, I love weddings and I love love. That hasn’t changed (and never will) and I would be thrilled if you will join us over at Must. Love. Stories. – let’s continue on this journey together! There’ll be advice, interviews, tips, REAL WEDDING features, inspirational shoots and, of course, the occasional ‘word from Abby’.

A million thank yous to you, amazing and lovely friends. I can’t wait to see you over at the new blog! It’s super easy to subscribe and we are waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest too – just search for ‘mustlovestories’. Cheers to this new chapter!

Massive grateful hugs,

Abby xx

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